OOC Minutes part 2

Yeah yeah, so the first was in character and this one isn’t.  Live with it.  I am tired and the CSM election looms on the horizon like some bloated smog rolling in from a distant city.  So this one is quick(ish) and to the point. NPE.  I took part in the … [Read more...]

OOC Minutes the third

sigh The New Eden Store It hurts the mercantile side of me to see money left on the table.  I don’t think gouging is a good idea but to ignore a sale is just plain wrong.  The store is slow, iffy at the best of times and seems to ignore a lot of … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 76 – Kiev Katastrophe

Last Thursday was particularly difficult on my poor, old, tired Russian destroyer the Kiev in World of Warships. I started off playing like a potato. Eventually I started to get into the groove, but my teams weren't. The last straw was... nah, you'll have to … [Read more...]

Another look at the Astero

I can (mostly) show you my current Astero fit by linking this lossmail. Just replace the Data Analyzer with a Stasis Webifier II and you have my pvp fit.Yes, that's a pve lossmail. What happened? I discovered Ghost Sites. With my face.I didn't atually work out … [Read more...]

Becoming dangerous

While I was away from Eve, one of the games I was involved in was Albion Online.The game is not yet released, although it is expected to be (at long last) some time this year. I was/am one of the alpha testers, and the game developers have expressly set out to … [Read more...]

Astero v Moa

I've been on a bit of an Eve break. I still logged in, but mostly I just did my PI, and sat in corp chat and on voice comms, listening to the banter.Way back when, one of my most popular posts was called 'The things I don't say', and it was about the … [Read more...]

Astero v Caracal

On Friday night my static led me to a low sec pocket in Lonetrek. It was far too hot to do anything useful, but I suspected that it would be ideal come Saturday morning.And so it proved. I quickly found a Thrasher and a Venture to explode, and just missed an … [Read more...]

Well that sucked

I lost a Bestower trying to get out of Jita.This is why I've been trying to train up to a T2 industrial (I'm currently 6 days out). Until recently hauling was something I could ignore. At most I was shifting some T2 modules and frigates; anything bigger I … [Read more...]

Rust is Good on Matari Ships….

.... not so good on a player.Things have been a struggle for a while out here work wise. I've just not had the time nor the energy for Eve. In fact I'm typing this in a break after I've done a full days work but I've got to work tonight as well. Yes things are … [Read more...]

Minute minutiae

Scotty found him sitting in a corner booth nursing a dark drink and looking even darker as he went over something on his comms.  “Got turned down as tax exempt, again?” “Nah, just looking over the minutes of the PTB 1.” “Ah CSM … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 75 – Cromwell B Versus and Ace Patriot

Here are two World of Tanks matches where I get stuck in and fight hard. The first is on El Halluf in the Cromwell Berlin I bought myself for Christmas, and though it starts slow it ends in a bang. The second is on Malinovka in my T26E5 Patriot U.S. heavy … [Read more...]

Currently Buried

I haven't posted in awhile because I've been buried under work. And also, to be perfectly frank, an incident of harassment a couple weeks ago sorta took the wind out of my sails. They always do. Over the years I've faced all sorts of grief both in-game and … [Read more...]

o7 Show History

I've done some digging and discovered some interesting facts about the o7 Show that I'd like to share with you. I believe you will find them just as incredible as I have. To understand the o7 Show we must go back even further to a little schoolhouse in Iceland … [Read more...]

On multi-boxing

Great info on PI strategy. One question tho... are all your toons on one account? If not why not follow the Epithal toon with a cloaky combat ship like a Stratios? This was my general method when i ran PI in the old corp i was in. I ran three toons, each toon … [Read more...]

Astero v Gnosis

It had been a week full of admin. Losing two Epithals meant replacing them, and resetting 15 planetary colonies from P3 production to P2 production meant hours of fiddly clicking through the torture device CCP laughingly calls the PI 'user interface'.So when … [Read more...]