Blue Flame of Revenge – Part 10

Fiction Friday. Escape pod here!Blue Flame of Revenge - Part 10Thanan started from a window in the elevated office block down toward the distant smoking docking bay. Whatever the missile was, it hadn't exploded, but had smashed the wing of the transport. There … [Read more...]

Starting over.

It's been pretty obvious I'm in a huge Eve lull right now. Just look back at the complete lack of Eve posts over the last few months. I cannot remember the last time I logged into TQ before this weekend. I never really recovered from Fanfest to be honest. Add … [Read more...]

Tank Talk 1

I've went and done it now. I downloaded and installed World of Tanks. I'm done for; go on without me. No wait, I've a better idea. Why don't you watch me noob this from a safe distance? You'll at least learn what not to do, and perhaps I'll finally be … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 52: The Value of Teamwork

team·work /ˈtēmˌwərk/ - noun- the combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Full Metal Valkyrie

Click to embiggenJust having some fun with helmets.Some people seem to be struggling with this one. First of all this is not a recreation of the famous Full Metal Jacket movie poster. Recently another artist (Orlando Arocena) did two poster recreations for … [Read more...]

The inevitable Betrayal

We don't know why Care For Kids is anchoring a swathe of Astrahus citadels around Heimatar, but they are. We are not entirely happy about this, because they didn't ask, and if they dont get consent it's rape, and we are against rape culture. Or … [Read more...]

Steel City Eve: This Saturday

In only a few short days my wife and I will be hosting our first ever Eve meet. Steel City Eve will be an all day gathering at beautiful North Park here in Pittsburgh. We've never done anything like this before, at least with Eve. In the past I've had several … [Read more...]

Blue Flame of Revenge – Part 9

Fiction Friday! Escape pod here!Blue Flame of Revenge - Part 9Commander Meuldia looked at the tactical view from his elevated chair on the bridge. The situation was bad. The Caldari Navy had destroyed most of the Legion's support ships and were now hitting the … [Read more...]

The Curiosity Box #1

In this video, I unbox #TheCuriosityBox number one sent to me by #Vsauce. Thanks guys!PS: This is not a paid endorsement of any kind, and it is only my opinion this is awesome with Vsauce. See what I did there?Vsauce: … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 51: Benson Benson Bang Bang

Domination battle on the Sea of Fortune map with everything from a very brave tier VI Aoba to a Fletcher to a total of four Iowa class battleships - two on each side. This game was action packed from the very start, and was over in less than 15 minutes. … [Read more...]

After Hours Episode 8: Max Singularity

After Hours Episode 8 with Max Singularity is now available.Enjoy! Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

No Man’s Sky: First Days

I got the PS4 version of No Man's Sky on Wednesday and have been playing it off and on since. I didn't wait for the PC version because I don't own a PC. Like many people it seems like I've been waiting an eternity to get my hands on this game. Unlike many … [Read more...]

EVE Online Core Starter Pack [Online Game Code]

Hidden among the 7,000 star systems of EVE Online are the riches of a universe waiting for daring pilots to discover them. Kickstart your voyage into the unknown with the Core Starter Pack – a full arsenal of skills and gear for miners and crafters. The Core … [Read more...]

[VIDEO] Eve Online – The Complete Beginners Guide To Getting Started – Part 1

[Read more...]

Blue Flame of Revenge – Part 8

Friday fiction! Escape pod here!Blue Flame of Revenge - Part 8"Sorry Sosa, no dice. They won't act."The hologram of Muryia Mordu looked tired. Well known for his eccentric dress, he was wearing a Gallente Black Eagles uniform with a bright pink bobble hat. … [Read more...]