The early bird gets the Nyx

So, the way it usually works in the lowsec "coalition" that I hang around with is that if TF is online, you don't get a Nyx kill. So, unusually today, I woke up at 5:15 a.m. Perth time, after not drinking enough bourbon last night to have a hangover, had a … [Read more...]

7bn ISK on a Moa?

First off... its not usually a great idea to stick 7 billion ISK worth of mods on a T1 cruiser especially if you are flying around low-sec. This sort of thing can happen...So what difference did 6bn ISK make? What difference does not one, not two, but three … [Read more...]

An Anthem for Alpacas!

She's only bloody done it again! Another quality parody from the wonderful Sindel Pellion.Listen to it here - Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

OOC: All by your onesies

Due to the nature of Operation Magic School Bus I cannot be in a corp, simple as that.  The Bus would be too tempting a target and I would be wardecced and hunted till kingdom come.  I am not complaining, I would expect no less.  But that means I do not have a … [Read more...]

Flying in Otter Space

“Ya know”  Mike said to the folks in the bar.  “There are times when you get reeeeal tired of hearing the young ones whine.  I wonder if they get tired of us telling ’em how much harder it was ‘back in the day’?” … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 64 – New Zealand

A 15 minute or so montage of video and some pictures of my trip to New Zealand including descriptions of what we did and what I've decided about this YouTube channel. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

My Eve Story

Click slideshow for moreI wondered what a real print campaign for MyEVEstory could look like. I only did 4 examples and I may have some of the details wrong, I just did these from memory. But the idea was to show the various ways in which a single player can … [Read more...]

Messing about with the Confessor

I've never got on with destroyers. These are ships designed to prey on smaller ships, and to me that is the opposite of a fun fight.Don't get me wrong - I am glad they are in the game, and see the important role they have to play. It's simply that the … [Read more...]

Null sec v Low sec

My last post ended with a throw-away comment about there not being as many solo fights in null sec as I would like. Despite being an off-hand remark, it lingered in the back of my mind, and I decided to look at that more closely.I pulled up the Tusker … [Read more...]

Super-capitals and other life lessons

Last night a ping went out, telling us that we had a carrier tackled, and that we needed dps. I logged in, grabbed my Oracle, and started burning for the fight.Our response time was good, and I landed on grid with the Thanatos and opened fire. Capitals do not … [Read more...]

The talent stack

Eve is such a deep game that applying 'real world' concepts to our game-play is usually interesting, and often worthwhile. So when I read Scott Adam's blog post on the 'talent stack', I immediately thought of Eve pvp.Scott Adams is best known for his 'Dilbert' … [Read more...]

Why CCP Would Love Omega’s to PLEX Their Accounts

I was going to tackle the "I'm a X-year vet and CCP should give me a free Omega clone" or the equally mind-boggling "I'm a vet, my Alpha clone should allow me to use all the skill points I've paid for!" that has been going around social media for the last … [Read more...]

OOC: Joining the gang

Eve is a social game, there is no denying it.  Some even call it a very pretty chat program.  But for a new player it can be intimidating trying to fit in to established groups.  You feel like the 5 year old trying to get into a baseball game with teenagers. … [Read more...]

The Daredevil

Click to download various sizesI'm working my way thru my Project List, which despite my best efforts only seems to be getting bigger and not smaller. Learning how to deal with not smoking. Trying to keep positive about looking for a job all while also trying … [Read more...]

My first cloaky kills

This last Sunday I logged on to find that one of my corp mates, while looking for a decent high sec exit, had scanned down a number of systems, creating corp bookmarks for each cosmic anomaly.One of these systems was a C3 with a high sec static. C1-3 wormholes … [Read more...]