Picking in a Crowded Field

So this post was kind of on the back burner, then GW announced Chapter Approved.  I really like the whole idea of a “Living Ruleset” but I hope they keep rules “updates” free or inexpensive rather than charging us for quarterly … [Read more...]

Growing the Army

So I have a truly ludicrous amount of points, and nearly as ludicrous amount of models.  Thanks to my airbrush and some nose to the tiny lump of plastic painting I’ve actually been painting more than I’ve bought this year, although I do have some … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 97 – Akizuki Action

I think I finally have the Akizuki dialed-in. Here is my first World of Warships game in her once I was out of stock and had my captain properly trained. And speaking of the captain, you could do this with a 14 point captain by dropping the two other 2nd level … [Read more...]

3rd Weekend

The astute reader will notice that this is my own betting bracket from the Alliance Tournament. As I've said before I made my bets the day before the AT started and I haven't changed a single thing since then. (Tbh I did change two matches that no longer had … [Read more...]

The Aftermath

Our amazing run in Alliance Tournament XV has come to an end. Congratulations are due to both LAZERHAWKS and BRAVE for excellent fights, well played. In both cases we gave as good as we got and both matches could have easily gone either way. But well deserved … [Read more...]

Konor Missions, Steering the Narrative

So the Fate of Konor is being decided ahead of time.  Week one’s mission featured rules that basically required the attacker to table the enemy given the length of the battle and the lethality of fire in 8th.  Week one was doomed to be an Imperial … [Read more...]

Quit Whining About Your Dice

We play games to have fun.  Those of us playing 40k are playing giant superhuman Space Marines, twisted Chaos daemons, hordes of Solid Guardsmen and Tanks.  Sneaky Eldar, Tough Orks, what have you.  Either way the army you play is generally built of tough, … [Read more...]

Space Marine Tanks and You

So I’m going to write this article on something near and dear to my heart.  Big, nasty, heavy armor and what I think about it in 8th edition.  First I’m going to talk about the classifications of armor; which should give you a glimpse into how I … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 96 – Tirpitz and North Carolina vs Two Iowas

What happens when two tier eight battleships brawl with two tier nine battleships? Well, when one of the tier eight battleships is a Tirpitz the fight might be just a little more fair than you think. Just remember, the counter for a battleship isn't … [Read more...]

September 21

On September 21st I will have been playing Eve relatively non-stop for ten years. I popped out of a station in Todaki and haven't stopped since. There isn't a region of Eve that I haven't been in, and there really isn't anything that I haven't tried. I haven't … [Read more...]

Whoa ABA!

So today this happened.In case you live under a rock and missed it, today we won our third match in a row and defeated We Form Volta (last year's third place winner) and move on to the next weekend undefeated. We are now one of the eight remaining undefeated … [Read more...]

UPDATED: A Band Apart vs Volta

NOW with actual ABA comms! (Above)Or with Eve_NT commentary (above).Either way, enjoy! Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

7th vs 8th

So 8th has been around long enough to get a handle on the rules, and 7th is thoroughly consigned to the trash heap.  No one will do a “Kings of War” style game to resurrect 7th because nu40k is so bad.  In fact 8th might well be the best system … [Read more...]

Victory for the First!

Yesterday was a banner day for the sons of the Lion.  I did a LOT of painting, finishing a Predator and getting a Razorback tabletop ready.  The Predator needs just a bit of touch up and the Razorback needs a bit more detail work, touch up and then they are … [Read more...]

The Dreaded Empire State Formation

So I’m a bit of an old skool gamer.  I’ve played many a wargame, spanning many an era, and seen many an argument get made over and over and over.  One of the longest run arguments I’ve seen was/is for a game called Starfire.  Fleets in … [Read more...]