Swamps of M’Boto: Of Arms and Armor

The Angels commanders entered Colonel Akinye’s tent, the Colonel and his staff were already standing.  The staff braced to attention and the Colonel bowed low and made the sign of the aquila. “Welcome Master Balthasar.  We are honored you have … [Read more...]

Dark Angels: The Models!

So I managed to get time and motivation to take pictures of the progress so far.  The goal for January is all the infantry for the first Lion’s Blade demi company.  I’ve got the two 6 man tac squads painted.  The 10 man squad I’m still … [Read more...]

The Unloved Rhino

So why would anyone buy just a Rhino anymore.  Seriously.  $37 bucks.  Rhino. Here’s your other choices.  Razorback, $42 bucks.  For 5 dollars more you can choose a pile of extra bits that give you a lot more flexibility in the build.  Basically for each … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 71 – Diametric Ace Tankers

This Sunday we have two diametric Ace Tanker matches in World of Tanks. And by that I mean the two tanks featured are about as different as tanks can possibly be different. The first match is on the map Redshire in the new Swedish light tank the Strv m/40L. It … [Read more...]

Back to Work

I started my new full-time wage attachable job on Monday. This is a good thing and I'm enjoying being back in the work-force again. Nothing like getting up and driving thru traffic, weather and idiot drivers again. I sure did miss it. (not)Just going to take … [Read more...]

Stay Frosty Ice Cream Truck

Click to embiggenOver the weekend my wife and I were trying to figure out a way to pay for going to Fanfest this year. Last time we went I sold posters in the Eve Store (the highest selling item at Fanfest btw!) and that helped tremendously to pay for our … [Read more...]

Good, Bad and Ugly

It is often the case when a single day in New Eden can surprise you, even when you've been playing as long as I have. It is, after all, one of the reasons I keep playing. Eve is rarely boring for very long, especially when you are actively looking to be … [Read more...]

Some Eve Inspiration

Shortly after I started playing Eve I joined my first Corporation. For the first few weeks we mostly stayed around high-sec space and I tried to shoot rats and guard mining operations. But it wasn't long before our Corp joined an Alliance based out of … [Read more...]

Custom Alliance Wear

Bastion Wear now in the Rixx StoreHave you ever wanted to offer your Corporation/Alliance pilots cool swag, but always bumped up against the problems of cost, design, production, and promotion? As an Alliance Executor myself I know the answer to that question. … [Read more...]

The Vanaheim Project

In Norse mythology the gods are divided into two families, the Aesir and the Vanir.Today, the Aesir are easily the most well known of the Norse gods, primarily because they were more likely to engage in the sort of adventures that make interesting stories. … [Read more...]

Choosing a wormhole

Before I can go anywhere, I need to know where I'm going. So I've spent the last six weeks or so on the lookout for potential settlements. I made up a handful of alpha clones with basic scanning skills, and threw them into likely wormholes.Other than a low sec … [Read more...]

Moving on in

So I've moved. Mostly.It took me far, far longer than I expected (my hauling skills are weak), but over the weekend I set up my POS in J114905. My main is still based in Chaos - I have decent PI set up there that I want to keep ticking over while the new setup … [Read more...]


Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Into 2017

Ouch. That was a rather festive few weeks.Back to the real world now. So what's happening in 2017 for Eve?Well first is that this blog just went over the million pageviews milestone. I know thats nothing commpared to blogs like Eveoganda or Low Sec Lifestyle. … [Read more...]

Swamps of M’boto: The Return

“We are going back” Master Balthasar said.  His eyes hard on the Librarian. “We are going back.  The Knights will take their cargo to the rock on the Strike Cruiser but we will remain here to ensure that nothing of this is spoken of where it … [Read more...]