30 Cerbs vs 1 Rag

The following video catches the last 10 minutes (minus a minute or so of us reshipping) of what began, as usual, with a S199 opening up in Heimatar and someone stumbling through to see a Chimera out ratting.We burned the Chimera down just before his rescue … [Read more...]

OOC Preparing for Alpha

OK, hopefully, this will be a big thing and I decided to make alpha characters ahead of time.  One for each race.  The thing is that this MAY ber a very dated piece, very soon.  If they change the new player experience and the base skills shift then all the … [Read more...]


“See, I always thought the point of terrorism was to cause fear, to sway minds or drive an enemy into a corner.  Ting is, I seldom see that it works.”  Mike scooped some of the contents of the skillet onto a pair of plates and slid one across to … [Read more...]

So Who is Corelin

Hi, I’m Corelin.  I’m a gaming persona that was built up over years.  I’m sarcastic and bitter.  I’m savage and insightful.  I’m brutal and cruel.  I’m compassionate and caring.  I’m a courageous leader.  I’m a … [Read more...]

WoW, Raiding

So week one of legion raiding is in the books.  For us non-mythic types anyway.  And we got a bunch of bosses down!  I was with the guild for 5/7 on normal, and the guild went 7/7 and 2/7 on heroic.  I just couldn’t raid more than two nights this week … [Read more...]

Tank Time 5: Success in the O-I Experimental

Three games showing how I found success fighting in the O-I Experimental in World of Tanks. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 57: Shimakaze in a Cyclone

This standard battle match was played June 29, 2016 and I almost forgot to post it. That would have been a shame, as it was quite a good battle in a cyclone on the Shatter map. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

A change of direction

I seem to remember once writing on this blog that, if I had to do it all again, I would roll Caldari. As much as I wanted to like Amarr ships - they are so damn pretty - I only really got on well with the Khanid hulls.And I'm rediscovering that. All the … [Read more...]

New Destroyer for November?

Most of us will have got the bulk email from CCP regarding the November expansion. Industrial arrays - check.Fleet boosts - check. Free limited access with alpha clones - check. Plus some free stuffz for those who maintain their account until then. … [Read more...]

The Assignment

Fiction Friday! Escape pod here.Busy week and not had time for double proof read (which I usually miss loads on anyway), so apologies for eny mistaks. :/The AssignmentChapel watched the man walk into his office and approach. He stood extending a hand. The … [Read more...]

Gallente PvP For Under 100m

Today CCP Seagull retweeted a request....#tweetfleet Recommend me some Gallente PvP ships for < 100mill.They need to be disposable and fun.— Joseph Poser (@J_Poser) September 19, 2016 Made me think of my favorite Gallente PvP ship and and that's well under … [Read more...]

Tank Time 4: Getting the Hang of WoT

I'm having a really good time playing World of Tanks, and it's icing on the cake that I seem to be getting measurably better at it. How's that you ask? Well, it seems I've become addicted to vBAddict. But never fear, these two games are more interesting than … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 56: Moment by Moment

A compilation of moments from my last couple of months playing World of Warships for your viewing enjoyment.Music by Epidemic Sound (http://www.epidemicsound.com) Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

After Hours with Nashh Kadavr

After Hours Episode 10 with Nashh Kadavr is now available.Can you believe I've done 10 of these already!? Me either! Hurry and take a listen before CZ comes to their senses and fires me. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Maller v Hurricane

The fightI've been impatient to get into cruiser, so I've used the Purity of the Throne event as an excuse to hop in a Maller and go and clear some sites. All good fun.As I'm heading out of low sec after one of these runs, I get caught by a Hurricane sitting … [Read more...]