I Shall Call Him…. Mini Chimera

Lets talk about the new Chimera Model. I saw some hate on social media so thought I'd go take a look. The new model is sleeker....It's got cool, what I assume are, massive shield emitters on the side.It's now a modern Caldari ship. However to me it now looks, … [Read more...]

The Distraction – Part 3

Friday Fiction! Well it's Friday here and I'm in a rush. Not sure what the time is in Blogger land!The Distraction - Part 3Republic Security Testing Facilities StationTama Solar SystemPlanet 7 - Moon 9"Get undocked now!" the Amarrian woman screamed into her … [Read more...]

SWTOR Class Breakdown

So in the current patch (5.1) the SWTOR classes fall out more or less predictably, but there’s some fun discussions to be had.  I’m not an elite endgamer but I’ve certainly played all the classes up on one faction or another enough to know … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 80 – For The Macker

Here is a Shiratsuyu match on Shards for my long time subscriber The Macker. He wanted one more World of Warships video before I started playing Mass Effect: Andromeda next week, so here it is. In this match, I use my stealth and mobility to engage ships in … [Read more...]

CONTEST: Remember Myrskaa! Propaganda Poster

Click to embiggenMy friend Makoto Priano is holding a contest regarding the recent Myrskaa Incident in Caldari Space. I literally learned about this myself yesterday. I have gotten so far behind on my reading. If you want to learn more there is a solid primer … [Read more...]

Mittens Speaks On Rixx Javix

I'm just gonna leave this here for now. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Not quite working

In the past three days, my only kill has been an afk Venture. This is because I've managed to blow about a half a dozen otherwise good kills in a number of very silly ways.Hunting a Drake in my stealth bomber, I somehow managed to decloak myself - I'm not sure … [Read more...]

Rolling a C1

C1 wormholes have a total mass of 1 billion kg. Because any individual wormhole can vary from the average by up to 10%, that means the total mass can be anywhere between 0.9 billion kg and 1.1 billion kg.With a 20 million kg mass restriction, closing a fresh … [Read more...]

The Distraction – Part 2

Friday Fiction! Escape pod here!The Distraction - Part 2Approach to the Auga-Kourmonen Regional StargateAuga Solar SystemThe Thrasher class destroyer approached the massive stargate. Captain Ragnar sat in his chair on the hushed bridge. The pilot was pushing … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 79 – Kiev Reborn

This week you get another World of Warships game, because in patch 0.6.2 the Russian destroyer line split and my favorite Russian DD, the Kiev, went to Tier VIII. Was this a good move or a bad move for the Kiev? Time will tell, but this game will tell you how … [Read more...]

When Did You Stop Beating Your Wife?

For the past three days I've sat idly by and let the tidal wave of events surrounding comments I made over on Crossing Zebras pass over me. I've sat idly by while the Reddit threads went way up and over 1,200 comments or more. I've sat idly by while The … [Read more...]

Tuskers v Pureblind Cartel; Tuskers v Circle of Two

This past weekend the Tuskers were under one of those periodic wardecs that the high sec corps hope will allow them to snag a hauler or two, so when I lost my Asteros, I did not want to offer them a target by shopping for a new one.True, I could have grabbed … [Read more...]

Topping up

This week is likely to be a bit light on the pvp side of things. Work had me traveling last week, so mostly I was just logging on to do admin. Still, I did finish training Gallente Frigate V, and I've got a few new things I hope to try in the coming week. They … [Read more...]

The Impel: a w-space review

I knew that I needed something better than a T1 hauler for shifting goods, whether that was running fuel to the POS, or running PI to the market. Training for a Deep Space Transport was a no-brainer, and I just wish that I could have finished the training … [Read more...]

BB80 – Democracy in Action

Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 80th edition! For more details about what the blog banters are please visit the Blog Banter page.Blog Banter 80 - A Voice for All Players?CCP Seagull ecourages you to get involved in CSM12 and put your … [Read more...]