All I can explain is the need for more subcap pilots. Read entire story here. … [Read more...]

Real Life Hits You For Wrecking

As some people have commented, yes I'm being a naughty boy.We're two months behind on the Blog Banters and I'm posting less on here than a high sec carebear gets killmails. Last couple of months have been killers at work leading up to me trying to run a 10-day … [Read more...]

Tank Time 8 – Matilda Thwarts All

Here's a fast and furious match in my Tier IV Matilda on Mountain Pass. The enemy team wasted no time in pushing hard to capture our base. It was like lambs to the slaughter.My Matilda is fully researched and using the QF 2-pdr Mk. X-B gun. It has permanent … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 60 – Benson Holds the North

A flotilla consisting of my destroyer, a cruiser and three battleships aggressively pushes into B at the start of this Domination match on the Trap map. The enemy counters with a destroyer and three battleships of their own, but we quickly take them down. … [Read more...]

The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

Yesterday the Eve community got kicked in the balls a bit. No reason to sugar coat it. Changes to the all-powerful EULA and ban-hammers falling like rain everywhere. Like chickens with their heads cut off everyone ran around in circles with signs saying "The … [Read more...]

Update: Real Jail

PLEASE NOTE: The following post is about real life and has very little to do with Eve. If you do not wish to read any further that is totally understandable. You have been warned.So right before the AT started I got yet another notice to appear in court at the … [Read more...]


Yesterday's Alliance Tournament Finals were marred slightly by some disconnection issues. This is probably well known at this point. It was unfortunate, no one can argue that. It is always a bummer when issues outside of the normal framework sink into and … [Read more...]

Kicking the Rust

Nothing like getting dragged into Court multiple times, selling a house, moving into a new house, finding out your business partner has inoperable cancer, practicing and planning an AT run, dealing with weird kids and moving your entire Pirate base of … [Read more...]

Size matters

When putting together a fit, we all like big numbers. Big damage. Big ehp. Big max velocity. We want big. But big numbers can be misleading. And sometimes we don't understand those numbers as well as we think we do.The above graph is taken from EFT, and it … [Read more...]

Faction warefare update

One of the things that I have really enjoyed about faction warfare so far is the greater context in which the fights take place. Unlike a pirate, who simply fights for fun and profit - both excellent reasons for fighting, by the way - the faction warfare pilot … [Read more...]

Executioner v Succubus

I recently lost my last Executioner. It would perhaps be more accurate to say that I threw it away.The fightI was in the Amarr fleet plexing Labapi into vulnerability when the FC sent me to run a Novice plex that had become available, so I was on my own when a … [Read more...]

A look at the Tormentor

[Tormentor, Solo in lowsec FW space]Small Focused Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency SSmall Focused Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency SSmall Focused Beam Laser II, Imperial Navy Multifrequency S1MN Afterburner IIFleeting Compact Stasis … [Read more...]

More time spent on Minutes

“So then they got onto the idea of ‘events’, you know, like hunting the Purity loonies.”  Mike took snack from the plate the waitress dropped on the table and grinned.  “Things to do in between other things to do.  They have been … [Read more...]

Tank Time 7 – Oh no, the O-I!

Two games in my O-I. The first is one of my two Steel Wall games, and the other is surprisingly my highest Battle Ranking (2734) on to date. Enjoy and have a great day!vBAddict - Visualize Your Gameplay: Read entire story … [Read more...]

Sunday Highlight 59 – Der Kaiser Unverkettet

Here's a match I fought on September 19, 2016 in my Kaiser battleship. I like the Kaiser. He's a fine ship, and so long as your aim is good you can really mete the damage! Read entire story here. … [Read more...]